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updated since December 2015

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 BookPrint consists of a Print-Manager (BookPrint-Manager) and a Print-Driver (BookPrint-Driver). The BookPrint-Driver is not supported anymore by Windows 7 and following Windows-versions. 

Originaly, BookPrintXP was distributed as a shareware-program, but now is free (free ware).  In order to receive the registered version, on the BookPrint-Dialog-Window click on --> Help , ->Info, -and ->Registration, then enter the data below in the input fields.

·       Name:                             BookPrint

·       Registration number:        x711101

·       Registration key:    59ASG-HPT5H-B5L05-V

You may enter the registration key with lower case letters. Other than alphabetic letters are being ignored




updated since December 2015

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